Lead Faculty

Professor Susan Mantell

Current Students

  • Evan Cosgriff
  • Ning Ye
  • Anu Tripathi
  • Karl Kaborowski
  • Andrew Hagen
  • Kristen Spurlock

Recent Alumni


  • Hanxiao Ge, 2015, "Numerical Modeling of Stress Corrosion Cracking in Polymers”
  • J. Edward Alexander, 2015, “Synthesis of Shock Response Spectrum Compatible with Base Acceleration of Multidigree of Freedom Systems”
  • Gyanender Singh, 2015, “Structural Integrity Assessment of Very High Temperature Nuclear Reactor (VHTR) Core Components”
  • Dongwon Lim, 2015, “Development of Self-Powered Wireless Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) for Wind Turbine Blades”
  • Adam Gladen, 2014, "Thermotropic Polymers for Solar Applications"
  • Matt Steigmeir, 2011, “Parametric Effects of Bubble-microcantilever Impacts in a Confined Channel"
  • Casey Briscoe, 2010, “Design of Lightweight Web Core Sandwich Panels and application to Residential Roofs"
  • S. Ali Mubassar, 2009, "Long term Mechanical Performance of MEMS in Liquid Environments"


  • Kelly Majewski
  • Kunal Garde
  • Lauren Wickham Kolstad
  • Dan Nigon
  • Matthew Churchill
  • Joseph Anderson
  • Gyanender Singh
  • Victoria Evans
  • Emily Gras

Undergraduate (Honors thesis)

  • Laura Sevcik
  • Tom Secord